Cozy Corners

Corners are often the most neglected spaces, but they hold a lot of potential for innovation and transformation.

We intend that you capture photographs of those snug corners in interiors that evoke warmth and comfort, emphasizing the importance of well-designed functional spaces. Pay attention to the details that make a corner special, with a hint of storytelling. It can be a reading nook bathed in sunlight or a hidden retreat in a cafe. The competition is not restricted to home interiors. The idea is to inspire people to think outside the box in capturing the multifaceted aspects of interior spaces, showing beauty, functionality, and transformative power.

Criteria for Judgement

Creativity and Innovation

We’re looking for photos that showcase imaginative and inventive aspects of interiors, whether it is through unusual angles, creative use of light and shadow or unexpected perspectives.

Aesthetic Appeal

The photos should be visually stunning and create an impact on the eyes of the viewers, highlighting the beauty of the space.


A 100 to 150 words description of the image that evokes an emotion. It should resonate with the theme of the competition.

Technical Excellence

The photograph must be of high quality and well composed.

Competition Details

Submission Deadline
10th September 2023
Entry Fee
Open for All
Number of Entries
Panel of Judges
Interior Designers, Photographers and Industry Experts



₹ xxxx


₹ xxxx


₹ xxxx

The winners will be announced on 15th September 2023 . There will be an online exhibition of the best entries on our page.

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It is an online submission. Plan your content to be viewed accordingly.

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